The Diabolical One

The Diabolical One.

This morning my eyes popped open at 3am. The word ‘diabolical’ immediately comes to mind. Know this I never use the word diabolical. I do not ever remember writing the word since elementary spelling class. The HOLY SPIRIT is saying this about Obama and all that have fallen in with him and those rich evil people who have schemed to put and keep him in office. They including Obama are truly ‘diabolical.’ Now here are several different sources of the definition for ‘diabolical.’
dictionary.reference. com:
1.having the qualities of a devil; devilish; fiendish; outrageously wicked:
a diabolic plot.
2.pertaining to or actuated by a devil.

Diabolical–abysmal, appalling, atrocious, damnable, difficult, disastrous, dreadful, excruciating, fiendish, from hell
hellish, nasty, outrageous, shocking, tricky, unpleasant, vile

Now if that does not describe the methods of this Administration and certainly describes many in leadership in ALL of the mainline apostate Denominations who have promoted and participated in the promotion of perverted homosexual mirage(that is what it is),homosexual adoption and foster care, promotion of abortion and abortion rights, promoting abortion right up and including at birth(called partial-birth abortion).  This is actually murder at the last second. Check out this website,, it stands for Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. Ever one of these has consciously or subconsciously been a part of this diabolical plot to ‘change America.’ That thing we heard so much out of Obama’s mouth called ‘hope’ has been a diabolical scheme all along stealthily perpetuated by the most diabolical of all, the devil. They are all liars and their daddy is the father of lies, satan. You are either serving JESUS or you are serving satan. You cannot serve both and you cannot have two masters. If you serve any of these abominations previously listed you are not following or serving JESUS, if you do not repent and turn to JESUS as your LORD and your SAVIOR, HE will say to you on Judgement Day,”be away from me you evil doer(diabolical one) I never knew you!”
Luke 13:23-30

And He said to them, 24 “Strive to enter through the narrow gate, for many, I say to you, will seek to enter and will not be able. 25 When once the Master of the house has risen up and shut the door, and you begin to stand outside and knock at the door, saying, ‘Lord, Lord, open for us,’ and He will answer and say to you, ‘I do not know you, where you are from,’ 26 then you will begin to say, ‘We ate and drank in Your presence, and You taught in our streets.’ 27 But He will say, ‘I tell you I do not know you, where you are from. Depart from Me, all you workers of iniquity.’ 28 There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, when you see Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets in the kingdom of God, and yourselves thrust out. 29 They will come from the east and the west, from the north and the south, and sit down in the kingdom of God. 30 And indeed there are last who will be first, and there are first who will be last.”

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